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What Do We Do


Holistic Support

We offer a wide range of services to ensure the overall well-being of young girls in our community. Our team mediates conflicts, provides counseling to those facing difficult situations, and offers guidance to help them make positive life choices.

Outreach and Mentorship

We recognize the significance of positive role models in shaping young lives. Through active engagement in schools, sporting events, and community spaces, our dedicated mentors serve as sources of inspiration, motivation, and unwavering support.


Educational Opportunities

We prioritize the development of crucial life skills and financial literacy among our participants. Through personalized tutoring and interactive classes, we foster a culture of continuous learning, enabling young girls to excel academically and prepare for a brighter future.

Interactive Life Skill Events

All N Together organizes educational and interactive events that cover essential life skills. From Financial Literacy to Job Interviewing, Conflict Resolution to Cultural Diversity Awareness, and Anger Management, these events enrich knowledge and equip young girls with skills necessary for personal growth and success.


Empowering Voices

We believe in giving a voice to our youth community. By fostering an environment where they can openly express themselves, we address and prevent issues like suicide and criminal activity that can arise from idleness or negative influences.

Collaborative Approach

All N Together actively collaborates with law enforcement agencies, juvenile probation offices, churches, and other youth group advocates in the community. This collaborative effort creates a comprehensive network of support and resources to address the complex challenges young girls face.


Program Objectives

Change and adjust behavior
Promote educational growth
Increase social skills
Provide career readiness skills

Benefit of Program

The benefit of our program is to promote positive change through empowerment and possibility in all our young girls and boys to be all they can and want to be.

Program Summary

All N Together strive to redirect our youth toward long term goals of understanding the effects of their actions which could lead to personal growth and a range of positive outcomes by providing the necessary tools to be successful, we will focus on ongoing improvement in all our programs and are committed to equipping our participants with lifetime resources to fit their needs.

Prevention / Intervention

We aim to have program success through ongoing assessments, self-reflection and feedback from both mentors and participants by observing changes in behavior, improved decision making which serves as evidence of progress.

Each session will last for 1 hour and 30 mins with the last 30 mins going over organization for the next day.

- Attitudes and Behaviors
- Conflict resolution
- Positive decision making
- Tools to cope
- Parents advocating for change.
- Scholar Program
- Life skills

Sugar and Spice

This program is designed to help our youth and girls with essential life skills they need for their careers, while providing guidance on prevention and intervention strategies.

We will provide resources and tools to help them be better prepared for success in their personal and professional journeys.

- Education- Academic tutor

- Life skills workshop

- Double Dutch

- Her Story

- Career readiness

- Scholar Program

- Temperature Check

Beautify Me

We focus on self-care awareness and practices, understanding inner beauty starts within.

We will cover painting dancing, cooking, arts and crafts, we will have a supportive environment for exploring various interest career or life wise giving them a safe space to be youthful and a girl without judgement.

- Life skills
- Inner Beauty
- Define Me
- Self esteem
- Arts and Crafts
- Dancing
- Painting
- Cooking
- Other than my name who am I?


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