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Who Are We


All N Together

All N Together is a 501 C 3 youth advocacy and mentoring program dedicated to empowering young girls and boys between the ages of 9 and 24 through education, mentorship, support & community engagement, while building their confidence & leadership skills to create a brighter future for themselves as well as our community.

At All N Together, we firmly believe in the potential of every young individual within this age range. Our all-encompassing approach involves mentorship, education, and fostering community collaboration. Through our initiatives, we strive to equip these young individuals with the necessary resources to overcome challenges and embrace their fullest potential.


Our Mission

At All N Together, our central mission is to instill empowerment and growth among individuals aged 10 to 24, encompassing both boys and girls. Through a comprehensive framework of advocacy, mentorship, and educational initiatives, our unwavering commitment is to proactively address challenges like delinquency, gang involvement, teenage pregnancy, and school disengagement.
Our fundamental objective is to arm these young minds with the essential tools required to overcome obstacles and fully embrace their untapped potential. By fostering a nurturing atmosphere of holistic support, guidance, and mentorship, we're dedicated to crafting pathways for these individuals to flourish. Through a collaborative spirit, educational enrichment, and the creation of a conducive environment, we actively strive to lay the foundations for a brighter future not only for them, but also for the communities they are a part of.


Our Vision

Our vision encompasses a world where every young individual, regardless of gender, is bestowed with the empowerment to chase their aspirations. We dream of a community in which confidence, education, and positive ambitions flourish, while negative influences, delinquency, and gang involvement fade into obscurity.
Guided by our holistic approach to mentoring and advocacy, we embark on a transformative journey aimed at disrupting the cycle of challenges. Our focus is on crafting an environment where each young person can not only excel academically but also develop essential life skills, all while contributing positively to society.
Our ultimate aspiration rests in cultivating a generation of resilient, self-assured, and triumphant young individuals who not only uplift themselves but also contribute to the well-being of their communities, illuminating the way for a future aglow with possibilities.

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